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Otaku: One who is obsessed with anime

'Otaku' + '-ism' =
1.The act of being an otaku
2.The process of being an otaku
3.Being in the state of an otaku
4.The result of being an otaku
She practices her otaku-ism every night.

She's proud of her otaku-ism when shes at school with many people with no originality.

#otaku #anime #otaku-ism #manga #nerdy
by Ah-chan February 15, 2009
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Pronunciation: ōˈtäko͞oizəm
The religion that worships the anime gods. Practices for this religion usually contains devoting all of one's time doing activities that relate to anime and manga. The followers of Otaku-ism are called Otakus.
1. That girl practices Otaku-ism, she watches anime all the time.
2. He devotes his life to anime, therefore he follows Otaku-ism.
#religion #otaku #anime #manga #worship
by Leon Park June 24, 2014
The form of devotion to anything where the human body starts to smell
Shit you havent had a shower ...must be that new wave of otakuism
by sezyboy June 11, 2003
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