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A spanish name. Commonly know as Oz. People who are named Oswaldo tend to be kind-hearted and very thoughtful. They are often lost in their own world, but that doesn't stop them from affecting everyone they meet and touching them in some unusual but magical way. Sometimes a little crazy, but in the best way. They are very honest, often considered brutally so but in the end they try to do what they can to make people happy, just not give them hopes for that which they can not promise. They are judged severely by themselves, and misunderstood, but their souls are beautiful and colored in the most beautiful color: white. For white is all colors.
Oswaldo: Don't have hope to be more, just smile. That's all that is needed.
#kind #beautiful #misunderstood #crazy #white #mexican
by Little Smiling Bunny October 07, 2010
A really funny and nice guy! Usually loves to laugh and enjoys jokes! sometimes he is quiet but once you meet him, you will literally fall in love with him.
Girl: Hey do you know him?
Guy: Oh yeah! He's Oswaldo!
Girl: He's funny! I think I like him now!
#funny #cute #smart #joker #awesome #quiet
by Macaroons420 October 15, 2013
a small mexican child, normally found in California. Small and fierce, he can run at the speed of donkeys, and smashes down tacos without sheding one beat of sweat.
i found an oswaldo in oakland! Man could that sucka run faassstt!!!
#oswi #wtf #am #i #talking #about
by wtf_monkey October 16, 2008
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