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Village in Central Ohio platted in 1852 and became incorporated in Delaware County in 1876. 2007 census shows population at 542.

Geographically described as "..between Marysville and Delaware."

Hometown of Professional Golfer, Ben Curtis.
You're from Ostrander? Where the %$#@*& is Ostrander??

It's between Marysville and Delaware.
by 2Whyte February 26, 2009
A clan of gingers originated in central nebraska. A mild tempered species, these gingers prey on hopes and dreams and unlike most gingers this clan does have a soul.
"Them are some nice gingers, must be of the Ostrander clan."

"I thought they were extinct?"

"No they still be hanging around stealing hopes and dreams"

by THEJUNGLECAT February 11, 2010
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