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A happy bubbly person. Someone who wants to change the world by being a politician and following the footsteps of Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King.
Friend in college: What are you reading there?
Other friend in college: A biography of Osbaldo. The Man Who The World Long Waited For.
Friend in college: Isn't him dead?
Other friend in college: Yes, but his legacy lives beyond.
by tonyman09 October 10, 2010
A bald male with a goatee, subsequently a child molester, as all bald and goatee endowed men rape children.

He enjoys trolling the elementary school playground for 4th grade jailbait.
Guy 1: man that guy won't leave that kid alone

Guy 2: damn osbaldo, why wont they pick on someone their own size.
by dispatch2010 March 10, 2008

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