Osama is sometimes funny and usually sometimes not. But people get used to his actions very quickly. Even though his name is one of the most cursed names in America, he is still pretty active. Its pretty hard to get used to him because usually a lot of Osamas will try to be cool but some certain Osamas are not cool and can sometimes be a huge bitch or jerk.
He acted a bit to Osama sometimes and I didnt like him.

Why does he have to be an Osama-like person?
by ErAn77024 May 01, 2012
Being randomly selected for airport security searches 100% of the time.
Yo dawg! You won't believe this, but I just got osamaed again! Makes you think again before growing a suspicious-looking beard and wearing a turban.
by Osama Hadhad June 04, 2014
the name for someone who has not shaved their gooch in a while and the hair is as long as Osama bin Laden's beard
by jasskdjs afkldj sklja fkljsfkd December 06, 2013
1. World's best-known terrorist, his name often mentioned with Sadam.

2. To violently destroy and rampage.
1. Did you hear about Osama's latest plan to destroy America? It involves nukes!!!

2. Man, he went all out Osama when he didn't get his KFC.
by TheOsama March 03, 2011
A natural born leader. Root of word means lion in arabic.
He's an osama on the basketball court - he can single handedly will his team to victory.

When President Obama first ran for office, people immediately realized he was an osama.
by kimberly123456789 April 28, 2011
Damn, Niggas want beef? I aint worried bout them niggas i stay with that Osama....
by Chi-TwnlawnD79 January 22, 2011
a retard.
that boy is an osama!
by jajabird April 23, 2010

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