left over food thats not eaten(mostly associated with natures classroom)
"Finish your meal I dont want any ort in the trash".
by weathrguy April 25, 2010
Top Definition
A regurgitated cum bubble.
"After she swallowed my jizz, she made a funny gurgling sound and she discovered an ort in her mouth."
by Die Lawn Adamek April 19, 2005
ORT is the barking sound seals make. It is also commonly used to depict a clapping Seal. on internet forums it is used to point out something blatantly obvious. Also can be used when something is liked allot
"wlsack: Corn Cheats
Haxx: ORT ORT"
by Claytonz October 16, 2008
-noun (plural, used with singular verb)
Whatever is left on one's plate after they finish eating. The scraps that remain after something is done; leftovers.
"Eat your orts or you won't get any dessert."
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
Anus, also another name for a coight.
"Get your finger out of your ort"
"After that crap my ort is killing me"
by Sir Richard of E-Ville November 23, 2006

you can use this to describe someone who annoys you for example...
" James is a big fat smelly ort.."
"joel is too scared to admit he loves ort..."

or you can use it multiple times in a sentence...

" james smells ortful(awful) he ort to have a shower and wash his smelly ort"
by derolict April 28, 2010
Someone who sniffs bicycle seats.
"Why don't you like Charlie?"

"Because he's a fucking ort!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
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