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Actually, the only french that can hook up with MRev. And the only french who can produce good stuff for Mugen. Sad but true. Both Faye & Ironmugen cannot do a decent character, unlike him.

Orochi (also known as Buttr0x on some IRC channels) hates most (but not all) Brazilian characters because they SUPER SUCK ! :buttrox And specially a random faggot named JaguarHX who tried to tone down Clark with SUP STUPID IDEAS, the only character Orochi released.

He also hates idiots, jobbers, and people who think they are better than what they can do (50 % of the mugen community).
I'm español ! Naparuma stretch !
by Orochi KOF97 October 22, 2003
Good KOF character maker. Too bad he is a complete lazy bum.
Clark92i, K9999 92i, Shermie 92i are among the best KOF creations.
by HIDDEN BETA TESTER October 18, 2003
Someone among us who hates Brazil.
You're a fucking Orochi KOF97 ! (i.e you hate Brazil)
by Faye September 06, 2003

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