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1. A really hot girl.
2. Pleasing or attractive in a graceful or delicate way. See Synonyms at beautiful.
Damn! Sari looked smokin today!
by Faye April 06, 2005
When you feel offended, you take your hand and chop it into any random part of the enemies body and yell "KARATE CHOP!" Or just, "CHOP!"
When your friends stomach growls, it is a perfect oppurtunity to KARATE CHOP their stomach.

"If you karate chop me, then I'll karate block you, if you karate block my karate chop, then I'll karate chop your karate block"
by Faye May 01, 2005
Classic Scene Kid

What all the skater kids turned into.
Any dumbass that adores hair ribbons, dinosaurs, robots, girl pants, messenger bags, butchered hair, and over excessive make-up.
by Faye May 11, 2005
Backwash. Food particals floating around in your drink after taking a sip from it.
"Eww, Maxxx, you have floogies in your drink!"
by Faye March 12, 2005
One of the coolest dudes in the world. He likes to put peanut butter on you when you are sleeping, and yell MIGHTY MARK when you are fighting. He WILL karate block your karate chop.
"I will karate block that karate chop, and put peanut butter on you!"
by Faye April 29, 2005
talking rubbish
that teacher was chatting pure thraf
by faye December 01, 2003
a wonderful thing, a bad thing, anything
What an incredibly stuplundous antiflicous!
by FAYE November 17, 2004

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