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slang for someone who murders their ex.

Originated by Orenthal James Simpson (aka OJ, or the Juice) slicing and dicing his ex-wife and her boyfriend.
I picked up the paper today, and on the front page there was a story of some fucker who went Orenthal on his ex.

Looks like he'll be spending time in lockdown with Bubba as his new roommate.
by ricky roma October 31, 2003
to explode with rage. see O.J. Simpson
Mr. Wong totally went orenthal on my ass.
by cardinal_fan October 13, 2004
An alternate name for Orange Juice. Named for the infamous NFL Player, Orenthal James(O.J.)Simpson.
Damn breakfast was good; that Orenthal was killer!
by Ralph McGregor May 29, 2008