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An Orcish Lair is a place where tribes of Orcs tend to gather, awaiting a coming battle. It can also refer to a place where Orcs simply live and do what Orcs do.

An Orcish Lair can also refer to one's asshole, more specifically a nasty shit-encrusted asshole. The only way to kill the Orcs that inhabit this Orcish Lair, however, is to pierce it with one's elven staff of power.
Knight: The Orcs are gathering their numbers, sire!

King: Where?!

Knight: The Orcish Lair beyond the forest!

"Last night I shoved my elven staff of power into this chick's orcish lair. When I pulled it out it had brown orc blood on it. Smelled like rotting orcs, too."
by FatJackson October 16, 2009
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