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verb: to get head in a bathroom stall from a slut
I got the original oratory at the dance in September
by rams2010 February 13, 2010
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a small school in summit nj with very bad sports
oratory sucks at lacrosse.
by dan cahill April 23, 2005
a small school in summit, all the teams suck, besides science league
oratory just won a lacrosse game, the world is coming to an end.
by john smill April 23, 2005
1) see Fagatory.

2) An all boys prep school in Summit,NJ. It is full of pussies, and they are always touching each other (especially in public). They ALWAYS start the drama. These tools will never be as great as Seton Hall Prep. Even the Villa Gorillas are more manly then they are! You thought that the Easies know how to please a guy...well not compared to these girls they dont.
I called your boyfriend a girl, and he hit me with his purse
by w/ love from, Baht April 26, 2005

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