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Orange Waffle: a term referring to female genital mutation giving the large and puffy labia with orange hue with cheese-like excretions that sometimes smell like Asian food. This retardation of the vagina leads to continual break-ups and embarrassment for females with this condition. Often found in Asian females, Orange Waffle Syndrome (OWS) sometimes leads to said females acting out wildly.
After finally getting intimate with his new girlfriend Sharon, Barry smelled the lower-body wafting of Kimchi & Soy Sauce and disgustedly ran from the room. Once again Sharon's Orange Waffle Syndrome (OWS) ruined a relationship and in a drunken rage, Sharon streaked through her neighborhood laying on top of cars at times.
by MrChunk March 06, 2012
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A blue waffle with a little too much spray-on tan
That orange waffle smelled like tuna, sauerkraut, skunk, and dead rabbit

blue waffle spray-on tan
by Brandon Watson September 06, 2010

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