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To uncontrollably make orgasmic noises while eating food that is extremely good.
Bob: "Boy, this food is good."
Cindy: "Yes! Mmm. Yes! Yes! Oh... so good."
Bob: "Gosh. Looks like you're having an oralgasm."
by Richard Tommy May 02, 2009
52 6
when a food is so good that it gives you an orgasm in your mouth
Wow, when I ate that hot dog, it gave me such an oral-gasm that i had to eat 5 more
by mikeeeeeeeeeee June 24, 2007
18 12
When one's mouth waters uncontrollably due to the introduction of food that smells or tastes exeptional.
That steak causes what i'd call an oralgasm if i wasn't drooling all over myself.
by Cameron November 01, 2004
44 38
The feeling of eating something so decicious its said to be like "an orgasm in your mouth."
Yo dude, have you ever had hot pockets?

Yeah man, they give me oralgasms.
by JamieMarie999 April 16, 2010
7 9
Oral orgasm, act of extreme appreciation of truly scrumptious food.
Those chocolate truffles gave Julia an oralgasm!
by Hutler April 24, 2011
2 6
When something is so good when its in your mouth, you have an orgasm. Usually experienced when eating something delicious, and possibly nutritious.
Person 1: I have coconut cream ice cream bars. Soooo good!

Person 2: How good?

Person 1: It was so good I oralgasm'd all over the place. I can't wait to have more!
by Opheelya Bush May 07, 2009
6 18
To orgasm whilst partaking in act of oral sex
I had a great oralgasm last night

You made me oralgasm last night, real good baby,oh yeah!!
by We like legs March 21, 2008
10 26