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To eat out a female, or go bobbing the knob.
"Hey boss, did you have fun with the new secretary? No one I know can come close to how good of oral support she gives!"

"The new secretary is my daughter."
by Stairface Chippendale May 15, 2006
Giving yo man a BJ when he's had a bad day.
Hey brown suga, I's had a bad day. Hows bout some oral support?
by Dr. L1 December 21, 2010
Often occurring in a threesome, Oral Support is referring to the person who is sucking a man's testicles while the other is working on the shaft.
Person 1: Yeah, suck that cock

Person 2: *gagging*

Person 3: Don't worry, I'm more of an Oral Support character
by DizzyDynamo August 01, 2015
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