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1- Ooftage
a)When something is about half-boner worthy, this word is exclaimed.
b)An word used when the speaker gets excited or realise their listener might get excited
"That pic was ooftage"
2- Ooft
a)Word used when the speaker is excited, or becomes excited.

Half-boner is when the penis is half way between flacidity and being erect.
That picture was ooftage.

Ooft, that was good.

Oooooft, my days, that was hot!
by Bestenay Mever June 07, 2010
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when someone is really good looking you say they have ooftage
Carl: Dude did u see that chick?
Dave: Yeh, she has MAJOR ooftage
by Callumhutch July 11, 2008

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