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A Female Singer That is VERY dirty and also very sexc nontheless
damnn dat gyal oobie with liljon jus turns me on shit,.!!
by mista kobra October 12, 2006
A character on the popular television show by Noggin Network. He and his family and friend teach learning skills to preschoolers.
Obbie and Uma met GranPoo and Kako for lunch at the picnic spot.
by Dannon Godfrey December 14, 2003
"Have you heard Oobie's new single?"
by élan September 30, 2003
outrageously bootylicous
She's so ooo-ooo-ooo oobie!
by Josh Torrent October 13, 2003
a single glimpse of breasts. A flash .. or a quick peek. can also be a type of tease where only one appears in view,
I saw the oobie but her husband came in the room.

Plural -- Julie gave me oobies but never followed through with the real thing.
by eugien April 01, 2007
The ultimate daughter
My daughter is the ultimate oobie-do.
by Michael Morgan December 13, 2003
To be a slut or whore.
Damn that bitch is such an Oobie!
by Dutch March 19, 2005
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