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An oversized human tank who goes around insulting people for inappropriate reasons. Weighs about as much as a neutron star, however its density exceeds that of a black hole.
Brother-in-law: VC
Wife: WiredLain
1) Quit being an Onix11, you'll crush the earth!
2) Dude, I saw an Onix11 with a WiredLain yesterday on the bus, and the two of them were hogging a 4-seater each.
by Kerynne July 31, 2003
Very obese - the female version of VC, has extremely bad tempers, and is always filled with jealousy.
Has the physical capacity to make an iron bed collapse during sex.
The Female-Synonym for Onix11 and VC.
1) Don't pull a WiredLain because you'll probably break your bed!
2) I saw a WiredLain ordering 50 quarter pounders at McDonalds yesterday.
by Kerynne July 30, 2003
An obese or avoirdupois person.
1. Today I saw a VC at the train station.
2. Stop eating or you'll become a VC.
by Kerynne July 28, 2003

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