Gothic with black tears and lipstick under his franstache (teh coolz0rszz) emo boy whom stepped in a random turd and slipped on a dead rabbit woo is me, not easy living like da loca vida.

I'm OneL, my heart it yearns for compassion, feel me up the bum, for I art faggish and I art always on my mind OMGLZOAS!
by GeneSimmo August 03, 2004
Top Definition
One-L: Noun, A student who is in his/her first year of Law School.
Being a OneL was one of the toughest years of my life.
by Testatrix March 21, 2007
AKA Crinner, a retarded little boy who finds it amusing to post superfluous commentary on EVERYTHING.
Crinner- STFU, I like being teh GAY!!!one!1!!

Die, OneL. Now.
by Crinner December 30, 2003
Boy? Who likes the cock.
OneL rapes 3 year old boys without lube.
by PIRASRTR August 29, 2003
Moron whom everyone hates, and comes up with half-witted comments for every occasion.
Onel said, "Is there concrete proof that Hawaii exists?"

Everyone else, "I hate you"
by Ciarin December 12, 2003
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