A super special awsome treasure that was hidden by the infamous Gold D. Roger somewhere on the Grand Line. Luffy and his gang go on a search for this Huge amazingness
Johnny Depp: So what are you supposed to be doind Diddy?
P.Diddy: I be watchin my brutha Luffy and his Pirate posse search for One Piece
by Shodakai June 13, 2008
1.an anime about pirates living in a strange world and i mean very strange, story and drawn by Echiro Oda. the main character's name is Monkey D. Luffy and he wants to be king of the pirates in order to do so he, his crew and signature straw hat must find the legendary treasure of one piece. personally i love this anime it has a great balance of comedy and action. the plot is forever changing and the characters are extremely badass some of the most badass i've ever seen. you can always find a moving story behind each crew member and great laughs.

2. the anime 4-kids (curse them) screwed up causing a huge protest about owning the rights to te show , well we won and the rights belong to Funimation
one piece is an awesome anime

i hate 4-kids tv for what they did to one piece
by TheRedHeadedFanGirl May 26, 2009
An amazing anime and manga, created by Eichiro Oda (I think I spelled it right...) The show is about an amatuer pirate called monkey D. Luffy. He's heading for the Grand Line, to find the great treasure, the One Piece. When he finds this treasure, he becomes the pirate king, something he promised the infamous pirate captain, Red-haired Shanks, after he saved luffy's life from a sea kid (a sea monster that swims in the sea, and eats any sailors, pirates or travellers, it comes across) (Well, it's got to eat something!)

Sure, this all sounds amazing, and it is! But In America, 4kids discovered One Piece, and thought they could make money out of it. So 4kids bought the rights, and dubbed One Piece. Unsuspecting viewers expected a great dub, but were instead subjected to dreadful editing, a terrible choice of voice actors, and the simply awful new theme song. The dreaded One Piece rap.

Fortunately, 4kids lost the rights, and Funimation took over. They did a much better job on the show, and brought back many of the viewers that were lost. Unfortunately, the first dub stuck in the minds of some viewers, and they refused to watch it again. Some other viewers didn't watch the funimation dub, but they did go back to english subtitles. Even now, the damage 4kids did has'nt been forgotten.
Friend 1: Hey, wanna watch One Piece?
Friend 2: That depends. Is it the english sub, or the dub?
Friend 1: It's the dub.
Friend 2: Oh please no! Anything but that!
Friend 1: Don't worry! It's the funimation dub!
Friend 2: Well, I suppose I could try it... As long as we don't have to watch the 4kids one.
Friend 1: That will never happen.
by INoSpeakZeEnglish January 03, 2011
A term used to describe a person who constantly wears an item of clothing which looks like it is two,being an under layer and top layer, but indeed they are attatched together, which is why it is called a one piece.
Andrei, stop wearing your one piece, you one piece.
by samash the many piece January 27, 2011
In the art community, this refers to a particular art request that a reasonably talented artist accepts unwittingly, and due to its content (fan art, anime, manga...) it becomes the most popular thing that artist has ever created, even to the point that most people will never look at another piece of the artist's work. The artist then faces the dilemma of keeping the artwork posted as it has drawn more pageviews than the rest of the pieces in the portfolio combined, or remove it because it gives the artist a disgusted feeling inside that people care less about new art and more about gathering every iteration of their "most favoritest anime evar!" It so becomes the artist's "One Piece."
"I put so much more work into so many other paintings, but they only come here for my One Piece."
by Mortbane July 15, 2012
Is a one doller coin.
Hey man dont forget yo one piece.

Hey dude you dropped your one piece.

Excuse me do you have a spare piece.
by Danbot, Tron & Hal July 22, 2006
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