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A woman with an ass so petite that you can cover most of it in one hand. To be more specific you must be able to clench and hold both cheeks together effortlessly with just one hand. This can only be achieved if the distance between your thumb and middle finger is wider than the apex of both buttocks. This is not possible with asses exceeding 1.0 Hdr
"Dude check out the one hander at the bar"
"Now THAT is a one hander"
by sananman July 23, 2015
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A women or girl that is so small and/or lightweight, that you can easily hold her with one hand/arm while having sex with her. (Preferably in the cowgirl of reverse cowgirl position).
Rick-"Man that new hot chick is pretty small huh?"
Bob-"I would do her...would you?"
Rick-"For sure. She's totally a One Hander"
by 69happy69 October 17, 2011
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n. An adult girl, or of-age female, who is petite or small enough to fuck with one hand while simultaneously using the other hand for any array of other activities.
That girl is a definitely one-hander; I can fuck her while eating a burrito with my left hand.
by Superllvllan July 16, 2010
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A woman or girl, not a chick (because chicks are hot), that scores below a 5 on the chick-hotness scale. Therefor can be counted on one hand.
Leanne is a one hander, even if she tries to slut it up she still can't muster the numbers to carry over to the second hand.
by waj_tastic November 12, 2010
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A one-hander is when you only use one hand to open a soda can. This is accomplished by holding tight with the thumb and middle finger and pushing the tab up with the index finger.
1) - Man, have you learnt the one-hander?
- Yeah, learnt it yesterday.

2) One-hand that Coke.

3) You're the one-hander master?
by Holden C. October 07, 2006
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