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A women or girl that is so small and/or lightweight, that you can easily hold her with one hand/arm while having sex with her. (Preferably in the cowgirl of reverse cowgirl position).
Rick-"Man that new hot chick is pretty small huh?"
Bob-"I would do her...would you?"
Rick-"For sure. She's totally a One Hander"
by 69happy69 October 17, 2011
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n. An adult girl, or of-age female, who is petite or small enough to fuck with one hand while simultaneously using the other hand for any array of other activities.
That girl is a definitely one-hander; I can fuck her while eating a burrito with my left hand.
by Superllvllan July 16, 2010
A woman or girl, not a chick (because chicks are hot), that scores below a 5 on the chick-hotness scale. Therefor can be counted on one hand.
Leanne is a one hander, even if she tries to slut it up she still can't muster the numbers to carry over to the second hand.
by waj_tastic November 12, 2010
A one-hander is when you only use one hand to open a soda can. This is accomplished by holding tight with the thumb and middle finger and pushing the tab up with the index finger.
1) - Man, have you learnt the one-hander?
- Yeah, learnt it yesterday.

2) One-hand that Coke.

3) You're the one-hander master?
by Holden C. October 07, 2006

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