The gayest band to ever exist.They perform just for homosexual freak shows.
one direction is gay.
by Dude19777777 April 28, 2013
-why I stopped going to Claire's
-the vile beast that ate away at my little sister's brain
-the reason I hate most of my grade
-the ONLY THING WORSE than Justin Bieber

-the only bad artist(s) that came out of England (congrats you just fucked it up for your whole country) (or Ireland I don't really care!! I can just see all the Nial fans now!!
"He's from Ireland!! Get your facts straight!!"

-Directioner(or whatever the fuck One Direction fans call themselves)
"Yeah, well I'm from America!! Go fuck yourself!"

"Ugh, we are never getting back together! like ever!!"

-Taylor XD
by #bossassbitch May 24, 2014
one direction is gay
by geek101440 May 24, 2014
The gayest boy band the world has ever seen. Consisting of homosexuals girls claim that one of the queers are theirs to marry. But they can't because there all HOMOSEXUAL QUEERS FROM HELL. They have a club called gay teenagers of the world (GTW). Their leader is the gayest of all of them called Justin Bieber. They all have orgies every night with each other. They have the worst music since Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers.
"Hey have your heard of One Direction?"
"You mean that gay boy band with the suck ass music"
"Yeah them.."
by Wealthybigdick April 27, 2012
A shit,faggot group with teenage girl fans who finger themselves and have nothing better to do in life than listen to shitty music,THEY'RE NOT A FUCKING BAND,THEY'RE A FUCKING GROUP,GET IT RIGHT YOU RETARDS. If you want good music,fucking listen to evanescence. thankfully these fags will be forgotten in 1 or 2 years and replaced with some other mainstream bullshit.
dumbfuck: "OMG One Direction are the best I love them!"

Me: "They're ugly faggots with shit music,they don't care about their fans,they just want fucking money."
by wolf15668 August 19, 2013
Five guys who auto tune the f**k out of their voice, don't care for their fans, copy every original group out there, have the biggest ego ever, and try to pick fights/get tattoos to make their dicks seem bigger. in other words five douchebags.
"he's such a douche" "who?" "Anyone in One Direction"
by Person#588 April 29, 2013
A British boy band that is generally considered by teenage girls throughout the world to be the greatest thing since the Jonas Brothers, and by guys and/or people with good taste to be the most obnoxious thing since the Big Time Rush. Would like to be considered the new Beatles, but unfortunately lack necessary abilities such as singing, songwriting, and talent in general. Founded by Simon Cowell, also known as "That Asshole Singing Judge Guy" on The X Factor, also known as "That Singing Show- No, Not The One With The Maroon 5 Guy, The Other One- No, The Other One. Other Other One."
Examples: Every song ever released by One Direction, in the history of ever. Which translates to something like two or three albums or something, I don't even care. They'll be gone by the time Star Wars VII comes out.
by NCC-1701 December 22, 2012

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