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A crap where you only have to wipe your ass once
Person 1: Dude i love the kind of dumps where you only have to wipe once

Person 2: Me too!! I think they call that a one wipe wonder
by MER8490 July 16, 2008
A nice poop that only requires a single clean wipe, and you're set for the day.
At college, a one-wipe wonder is a true rarity.
by Boxman37 December 16, 2005
After defecation, one goes to wipe clean the anus crevice and realizes he/she has been able to achieve a bowel movement without the need of toilet paper to wipe the area clear of fesses residue after exportation.
Yes...i jus dropped the kids off and wiped, looked at the paper...Sweet!!! One wipe wonder!!!
by steve-i rastafari August 27, 2005
A poop that only requires one wipe to fully clean
Person1: I have an appointment in 5 minutes but I really have to crap!

Person2: Go quick! Hopefully it will be a one wipe wonder
by Evered June 02, 2014
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