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When you are trying to hook up with a girl and she isn't showing any interest so, you move on to the next one.
BRO(1): Bro, this girl taking this bate?!
BRO(2): Don't even trip Bro, on to the next one!
by Doshcokycoyo March 23, 2010
when you're no longer stimulated/intrigued/pleased/interested/aroused and move on to the next one
Dexter was getting boring so I moved on to the next one
by Melazzle March 30, 2010
To move on to the next available, hot female whether in person or on video chat. On To The Next One (OTTN1) was a saying used originally by Charles Kast and Corey Rother, as they mac'd on chicks.
Britany_bunny69 : Omg my cam just broke sorry guys, holdon while I try to figure out whats wrong with it.

Gino : Man... WTF? OTTN1
Anthony : Wtf is OTTN1??
Mc : It's On to the next one fool!
Josh : I'm hungry

by Chaz...izzle September 29, 2010
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