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Omega Tappa Pi was founded by a elite group of military Marines and Sailors in the small city of Augusta Georgia circa 2003. The founding fathers Andy Duhon, Brett Cox, Aaron Jansen and Josh Liston had one thing in mind when they founded the first Chapter of OTP, gather fine southern Gentlemen and give them a place to drink a little whiskey and raise some hell.( by a little I mean mass amounts of whiskey, and enough hell the devil felt ashamed) From 2003-2006 also known as the golden years of OTP, the group could not be stopped. They had a party budget as long as the Mississippi and enough cops under their payroll that not a worry crossed their mind.
Tragedy hit Omega Tappa Pi like Katrina hit the Po black folks of New Orleans, details can not be disclosed until the courts make their final verdict but what I can tell you is, founding Father Duhon went off to Ohio State, Father Liston to San Diego State, Father Cox Bahrain. Father Jansen went on a heroic beer run and has not been found to this day, some like to believe he hit that shell station and just kept going, others think well who cars what they think!
Where is Omega Tappa Pi now, Father Duhon has reinstated a chapter at The University of Ohio State, but due to the watchful eyes of President Karen Holbrook and the FBI it was forced to become the Secret Order Of Omega Tappa PI. Have no fear though, a secret this could can not stay underground long.
Dude 1: Hey U hear what Omega Tappa Pi did!
Dude 2: Yeah man, no eyebrows fucking crazy

Random Hero: I heard You have to kill somebody for them to even thing about joining Omega Tappa Pi.

Brig Gen. of The USMC: No marine will be allowed within forty feet of Petty Officer Duhon's Home.
by Jeezy Duhonjevich July 14, 2006
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