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1)The absolute highest level of drunktaniousness one can reach before death
2)Drunker than Cooter Brown
"Did you see Fred last night? He threw up on the rug, pissed himself, then got naked and tried to feel up your pet ferret."

"Yeah, he definitely reached omega level."
by chodebrothas January 08, 2009
in the Marvel Universe, it's the highest level that a mutant can reach. omega level mutants can manipulate anything & everything around them, like the elements, non-organic things & other minds. they are so powerful, that they can control & harness their powers and use them at an sub-atomic level.
the only true Omega level mutant there is, is Jean Grey aka; Phoenix.
Other mutants that *might* also be at that elite level, are Gambit, Iceman & Jubilee. But for some unknown reason, they have not been able to reach that status.
by logans beta January 24, 2009

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