A LITERAL FUCKING GOD AT GRAPHICS. Also married Cody on www.livewed.com. That is all.
GFX n00b 1: d00d did u c da shat Olimpik zeero made?

GFX n00b 2: holy shat ya d00d i creemd ma pantz wen i ceen dat shat.

GFX n00b 1: fux d00d hez a fuxn grafix g0d or sumtin

GFX n00b 2: wurd

Olympic Zero: Shut the fuck up. If I want your lip, I'll jiggle my zipper.

GFX n00b 1,2: yus sur
by His lover Cody*kisses* November 21, 2003
A great banner maker from w-e forums .. who is quite sexy .. hmm im suppose to be mean .. wait .. hes fat .. like Shaggs .. bwahhaa .. no hes not
Olympic Zero is an American Hero ..unless hes from Canada or somewhere non-usa
by Not Dalestate_Diva May 10, 2003
olimpik zeero is like supaman, he is like a telephone in the dark. if it can, it will. but thurdays are its special day. 1 time, this fox was drunk but didnt get caught, it was carnage but OZ was dere to settle the ostrich
O ee is alsoo gud at grafikal fingz
by Xain...o January 18, 2005
omfghefuckingrulestotally.hewasformer super-mod and modatw-e
He makes GFX. omg check out his recent shit, it ownz
by Rage January 12, 2005
A repetative little boy who tries too hard to be cool.

Very good at graphical text and following tutorials.
The song; Snuff - Arsehole
by BreakdownV1 January 13, 2005
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