The best shit ever! Good time! It is whiskey that is no BuEnO!
This Old Crow was the shit last night, literally the Shit!!!
by Pagina 2323 February 05, 2008
Top Definition
An inexpensive brand of whisky, at around eight dollars a fifth. Tastes like an imitation of Jack Daniels. Should never be drank on a hot or humid day.
While extremely harsh on the throat, Old Crow has a complex flavor. Old Crow is the original sour mash whisky, meaning leftover mash from the last distillation is used in the next, ensuring the conformity of the whisky.
by Bugsy July 20, 2005
The alcoholic beverage Old Crow will rape you in the ass when you drink it. You wil be fucked, hard.
I was drinking shitton of Old man crow last night when I got a horrible case of the whiskey dick. I couldn't fuck, and when I tried to sleep the crow kept me the fuck up all night. Old Crow will fuck you.
by romanHelmet January 07, 2006
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