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A chromosomal abnormality. Typically, affected cells have one y and two x chromosomes (contrast the y and x of cells in a normal male). People with this non-disorder often exhibit vaguely sinister androgyny and an independent and empirical worldview unrestrained by popular gender expectations.
That tall angry guy with the hourglass figure has Klinefelter Syndrome. He's sterile. He diverts his creative instincts toward art, vigilantee suicide missions, and hormonal spazzing. Don't fuck with him, he's wild.
by nothingsnecessary November 08, 2012
A knee to ankle length jacket that repels rain and human beings. In a cultural example of Batesian mimicry (that is, a non-venemous species evolving to resemble a venemous one), you don't even need an actual concealed weapon underneath.
My trenchcoat keeps people from fucking with me. I still carry a blade too just in case.
by nothingsnecessary November 20, 2012
Not to beat a dead horse, but: myopic halfwit who runs the gamut of annoying from Limp Passivity to On Crack. Infamously fancies himself always right. All because of that stupid saying.
Customers are so stupid, sometimes I forget they have feelings.
by nothingsnecessary November 21, 2012
A beery, barfy-tasting cheap whiskey. Somehow "descended" from a Civil War era bourbon that was guzzled by cowboys and generals. But the original recipe is long since lost and was probably a damn sight better.
I'm pretty sure modern Old Crow whiskey is distilled from King Cobra. But it's got a crow on it, so what the hell. I think I'll go buy some right now.
by nothingsnecessary November 20, 2012
Gross shit that tastes like meat. I bought it once to imitate a celebrity. Once.
Drinking Johnnie Walker Red is like kissing John Wayne.
by nothingsnecessary November 01, 2012
An unpopular but ubiquitous bourbon whiskey that tastes like cough syrup. It's kinda good, it just lacks x-factor.
Your grandma snuck through the liquor store till some Jim Beam caught her eye.
by nothingsnecessary November 01, 2012
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