The only way to go when shopping for pants with many pockets.
I have a lot of crap to carry around when I travel, so I bought some Old Navy D-Ring Cargos, or whatever they're called.
by dj gs68 October 21, 2003
an ok store if you are shopping in womens, cause then you don't have all the glittery shirts and stuff. they have good prices and usually have unique stuff that is at a reasonable price (unlike AE, Hollister, or Abercrombie)
I got both of these layering tee shirts from Old Navy.
by MeOnCloud10 May 29, 2005
1. A clothing store with commercials that can make a grown man cry.
2. A clothing store that sells bright happy clothing, and it causes me to vomit.
1. Tom cried after wathcing the horriffic Old Navy commercial.
2. *vomits*
by King Blargh July 06, 2005
A retail clothing store owned by Gap Inc. famous more for it's musical, trendy commercials then it's merchandise.
"Let's go to Old Navy and buy a tunic or some burmuda shorts!" or "Hey! It's that funny Old Navy commercial!"
by Brandy Sweater May 19, 2005
This occurs when you are banging your girlfriend in her parents' pool, you shoot your load underwater, and she is forced to suck it up with a snorkel, so as to not get her parents' pool dirty.
Matt: "Yo, what did you do last night?"
Cory: "I totally gave my girlfriend the world's biggest Old Navy. I hope I don't clog her pool filter."
by CoryZebra March 24, 2012
An alcoholic drink made with a single shot of vodka, and topped off with milk.
Barkeep, I'll have an Old Navy
by Del Millard February 11, 2006
a store that sells really good clothes (mostly preppy)
I went and got the cutest distressed jeans from old navy this weekend!
by tgcgurly May 09, 2006

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