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cockney rhyming slang to define a black person as a nigger, the words oil rigger are usually used by a person with a large penis... LOUIS!
"dude thats one grimey lookin' oil rigger"
by louis20114 September 24, 2011
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The act of sticking one or more fingers into someone's anus (clothed or not) while shouting,"Oil Rigger" in a country accent. Best used when the victim is bending over, walking up stairs, or standing in front of you. The reverse reach around Oil Rigger is also always a challenge.
I definitely penetrated the bootyhole when I gave that dude an Oil Rigger on the escalator.

I gave Jimmy the dirtiest rusty hook after I Oil Rigged his fart box.
by Silky J Johnston December 10, 2011
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