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It's 'oh, shit!' fast, and cut off into 'oh, sh--!' because sometimes someone you can't swear around is in your vicinity. It becomes 'ohsh', following perfectly from the beloved 'oh, shit!'
Kid: "OHSH!"

Parent: "What did you say?"

Kid: "I didn't cuss, if that's what you mean!"
by Risu August 28, 2008
A phrase used in "OH SH" situations.

May also be used when there is not enough time to pronounce the whole phrase, such as the split seconds before your head is blown off.
Police: Your parents are dead.
You: OH SH

Girlfriend: I'm pregnant
You: OH SH

Secret Service: Is that a sniper?
Secret Service:.....OH....SH.
by Vanni Fucci March 16, 2010
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