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A moment where one is inclined to say "Oh Shit", this could be a traumatic, frightening, or hilarious moment.
Friend#1: "I had an Oh Shit Moment Yesterday when a cop turned the corner and saw me smoking a joint."

Friend#2: "Oh Shit"
by Wargodx7 March 02, 2010
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(1) The defining moment in which one's sense of judgement finally aknowledges its idiocy, but is to late to correct the error that has occured during said period of idiocy.

(2) The point in time when you realize you have fucked up big time.
(1) The stuntman experienced an oh-shit moment when he reached the apex of his motorcycle jump and he was 300 yards from the other side of the canyon.
by ThorFrog December 16, 2009
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An OHSHIT moment is the instant between the pain and screaming, or the first time you smell Paris Hilton's cooch. (Maybe a mix of both.) Any sort of moment where you are bound to freak out has an OHSHIT, big or small. Here you may yell out a shitplitive, begin to cry, or crap yourself. Or all three.
(An example of an OHSHIT moment)

In Johnny's head-

'OHSHIT, definitely not having kids now.'
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009
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the moment or series of moments just before a person or person is utterly inihilated, literally or figureatively, and sees the cause of his destruction just before it kills him, and/or just after it is too late to do anything about it, and the most apt phrase for the moment is "OH SHIT";

the moment when you know your fucked
**september 11, 2001, John Tucker looks out of the window from his office in the World Trade Center, New York**
John: OH SHI--

oh shit moment
by LordHeadshot January 15, 2009
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When you wake up in the morning and you haven't cleaned your pipes enough or had a really dirty dream and you're covered in jizz.
'I had a dream about this fit blonde girl last night, I knew it was about her coz I woke up and had an 'Oh Shit!' moment.'
by rherrejtr July 27, 2012
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