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Used when making a mistake, or just getting mad in general. Originates from the video where he says "Oh Bob Saget!" several times when getting mad. The terms is so funny because Bob Saget is a very random thing to say when you get mad, and because he was a star on the show "Full House", and he now is a dirty comedian. The term "Oh Bob Saget!" is often used in place of a curse word such as sh_t, f_ck, or d_mn. Sometimes, just "Bob Saget" is used without saying "Oh" before. Can also be derived into the forms:
(Oh) Bobby,
(Oh) Bobby Saggy (rarely (Oh) Robby Saggy), and
(Oh) Robert Saget (also, on rare occasions).

No other forms of Bob/ Rob/ Robert/ Bobby/ Robby/ Sag/ Saget/ Saggy are correct, and will not be tolerated.
Other forms may be later derived after the publishing of this defintion that are approved, and will be updated.

Note: please do not make use (although one may be very tempted to) of Bob Saget's sister's name, "Gay Saget", as se has passed away. Thank you very much.
Oh Bob Saget! I just spilled my lemonade!
BOBBY (slight pause) SAGGY!... BOBBY (slight pause) SAGGY!... THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!
by Robert Saget July 23, 2006
A story involving Bob and his pet saget. Saget was stealing some food and Bob was angry. He was yelling at him "YOU ALREADY ATE 2 MONTHS AGO, NO FOOD FOR YOU!!!" The end!
Hey oh bob saget!
by Bob and saget December 01, 2015
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