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off-the-hook, krunk, awsome, grand, quite pleasing
That party last night was off da chain.
by Omar October 25, 2003
2 2
something that is quite swell
Gee whiz Francis, that cavier sure is off da chain!
by Bartholemew James Thomas IV November 07, 2003
112 35
Wild. Crazy.

Just as a dog would act if you let it off the chain.
Man, that party was OFF DA CHAIN last night!
by Reggie June 25, 2004
91 27
awesome, really good, sweet, something that you really like
Me and my friends,"Should we rent ghost ship?"

Random black dude,"Dat movie's OFF DA CHAIN!"
by a blount April 21, 2004
62 22
1. A positive comment that something is good or pleasing to the eye.
2. A negative comment meaning that someone is insane, like a rabid dog off the chain.
1. Girl, those braids are off da chain. Where did you get that weave from?
2. Your mommma is off the chain and chasing that poor fool down the street.
by Ragdolly July 15, 2005
29 7
black urban slang expressing happiness and joy

"Off da chains!" means something makes you as happy as a runaway slave that made it to the north.
Deez crack rocks are off da chainz!
by ILL34GL3 January 19, 2005
20 10
synonym for krunk, live, exciting
"Did you go to Club Platinum last night?"
by AVAIAE FULLER February 20, 2004
20 14
Can be used in context as Crazy or Good.
Mike: Yo you know Kisha?
Dre: That bitch is off the chain.

Mike: You hear that new spin by Flip
Dre: Yeah that shit is off the chain.
by Scott May 23, 2003
21 17