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Obviously the cooler looking version of the name Otis. Someone named Odis is usually cool, good looking, smart, and overall just different. Different in a good way. Doesn't have a big quantity of friends but enough to make him happy. Knows how to find true friends. He's nice to everyone, tries hard not to make enemies. Hides his flaws. Cares about the way others feel about him.
'Woah that boy is like, amazing =o'
'Well he better be, he's Odis.'
by JanelSilsby June 03, 2012
ONE DIRECTION INFECTION also known as a good sickness results of this sickness is dizzyness, light-headed, constant fan girling, british accents, irish accents, singing one direction,and randomly stopping the traffic.
Person 1:"The way Harry flips his hair gets me overwhelmed."
Person 2:"I think you have a bad case of ODI."
by Olivia Styles<3 May 23, 2012
I lil african kid with a huge dick and every girl in the world finds sexy, and is very strong and beat the crap out of anyone even his wife.
But black girls and asians.
Dude odi is so cute i would marry him right now.
by 123asdqwe May 06, 2015
Adj. One who craves large amount of pizza with sausage that are shaped like balls and is morbidly obese
Wow look at that guy eating pizza he is such an odi !
by Danny Y March 08, 2008
Adjetive. Men who crave pizza and are morbidly obese
Look at that guy eating pizza hes such an odi !
by Danny Y March 08, 2008
odi-defined as "our direct inheritor", one who directly inherits that which was worked for by someone else.

Comes from the ancient Cornish celtic language " Oh Dear 1"
We worked all our lives to buy what little we have, only to give it to Odi.
by Hornet December 06, 2003
The combination of "oh" and "dis". Usually used after a poor joke only to be made hilarious with the addition of odis. Created by the great Airsofter78.
(07:35:47) <@Airsofter78> your moms fat
(07:35:50) <@Airsofter78> odis
by Airsofter78 January 28, 2008
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