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A common colloquialism and grammatically incorrect form of the word "occupied".
I tried to use the airplane restroom, but it was occupated.
by shipoopi2010 April 01, 2010
A combination of the words "occupied" and "constipated". Most often used when tied up on the toilet.
Opal: "Ed, you've got a phone call. Get out of the bathroom!"

Ed: "I'm occupated, I'll call them back"

Opal: "Ed, get out here this instant!"

Ed: "Did you not hear me, I'm occupated, this could take a while!"
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 30, 2010
Mash-up of occupied and constipated.
Is the bathroom free?

No, it's still occupated. Bob had a big lunch. Give him some time.
by Bobek March 26, 2009
derives from the words Occupation and Constipated.

The inability to leave an occupation.
"So are you coming out tonight?"

"No sorry, i'm totally occupated tonight"
by Primrosa November 29, 2009

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