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A common colloquialism and grammatically incorrect form of the word "occupied".
I tried to use the airplane restroom, but it was occupated.
by shipoopi2010 April 01, 2010
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A combination of the words "occupied" and "constipated". Most often used when tied up on the toilet.
Opal: "Ed, you've got a phone call. Get out of the bathroom!"

Ed: "I'm occupated, I'll call them back"

Opal: "Ed, get out here this instant!"

Ed: "Did you not hear me, I'm occupated, this could take a while!"
by The Opal August 30, 2010
3 2
Mash-up of occupied and constipated.
Is the bathroom free?

No, it's still occupated. Bob had a big lunch. Give him some time.
by Bobek March 26, 2009
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derives from the words Occupation and Constipated.

The inability to leave an occupation.
"So are you coming out tonight?"

"No sorry, i'm totally occupated tonight"
by Primrosa November 29, 2009
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