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1. Shortened root of its whole form, 'obnoxious', meaning very annoying or objectionable; offensive or odious:
The girl with that ugly skirt and big mouth is totally obnox. I might have to kick her teeth in if she ever talks to me.
by ukilledthecat March 14, 2006
The noun form of the word obnoxious. Therefore it is an obnoxious person.
Stop being an obnox, you're so loud and annoying!
by LittleWallyFish January 03, 2006
(v.) To annoy. (the verb form of obnoxious)
I used to obnox my friends by giving them dead-legs and wet willies.

Mrs. Arseloch, please make billy stop obnoxing me!
by Ipaflan December 06, 2010