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An term used often as Internet slang or in use as an 'Away Message' that reveals the act of someone away from their computer, the act of which is the process of finding, preparing, and consuming food.

Also see Fooding.
John: "Hey, what's goin' on?"
AutoReply Jake: "Fooding."
by ukilledthecat July 13, 2005
n. The inverse act of the acclaimed Cleveland Steamer.

The sexual act by which the pooper defecates while down on their hands and knees and the poopee approaches from behind, rolling their chest on the pooper's buttox in order to spread the feces on themselves. The result is mashed poop.
Dick had White Castle last night. Jane wants to get down and dirty. Dick gives Jane a Steveland Cleamer. Jane is filthy.
by ukilledthecat April 08, 2007
n. the feelings of loss at the close of the Olympic Games and not having regular television viewing lined up

abbr. POD
I sat on my couch staring at the tv, half-hoping that USA would pull through and beat Canada at hockey. I have Post Olympic Depression.
by ukilledthecat February 28, 2010
n. when unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, esp. of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group, become the best way to describe someone.

i.e.- the subject fulfills the stereotype.
Tom- Holy shit, who the hell just cut us off?

Dick- Idk, she was Asian.

Tom- Ah, of course!

Dick- I'm sorry, dude, I'm not being racist, this is just a functional prejudice, no offense to offend.
by ukilledthecat June 14, 2009
v. To refuge from electronic and digital technology. To "get away from it all", "disconnect from the world", unplug, escape from the ever-presence of our technologically developing world. Could refer to personal communication and entertainment devices, home automation, even shielding from radio and microwave transmission.
Sally- "I'm so stressed from my boss hounding my Blackberry during a holiday."

Sue- "Sounds like you need to take a mental health day and detech for a bit. You could stand to read a good book or take a hike."

Sally- "That sounds great!"
by ukilledthecat January 17, 2011

An inexpensive brand of alcohol used to sustain a state of inebriation, usually past the point of being able to discern between a good beer and an expensive beer.
Jeff started off his night at the pub with a Guiness and a few Sam Adams. Towards the end of the evening, he was throwing back sustainer beers like Coors Light/Natural Ice/Keystone to sustain his drunkenness.
by ukilledthecat October 09, 2009

1. Describes an individual who is a spendthrift, yet stingy where it counts.
1. "Did you see that dickhead? $50 bill and he didn't even leave a tip, the cocksucking shilling shitter!"
by ukilledthecat June 26, 2007

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