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a. An unclever word play version of Barack Obama's last name.
b. The most insightful word that conservative extremists could come up with to describe a false description of a soon to be great government.
c. A word that only has a bunch of thumbs up votes under it because the previously mentioned conservative extremists have nothing better to do than look up stupid plays on words and attempt to spread lies via the internet.
Bubba: I shure cant stand that damn homo lovin' negra president they elected... HE AINT MY PRESEEEDENT!!!
Sherry Lee (14 years old, wife and sister of Bubba, mother of 3): I figer i agree with ya. Just a bunch of Obem... Obam, um... Obamunism.
Ted: John, lets get the hell outta Alabama.
by ConPhlikt January 08, 2009

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