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The incredible amount of trinkets, hats, playing cards, flags, stickers, buttons, badges, etc., available, all featuring our esteemed 44th President, Barack Obama. The sale of this stuff alone will revive our economy.
My cousins went to the Inauguration and brought back some crazy Obamabilia! I got a t-shirt!
by EmmaSez January 22, 2009
56 22
Merchandise commemorating, celebrating and — in some instances — practically canonizing Barack Obama.
My roommate couldn't pay his share of the rent because he spent all his money on Obamabilia.
by Kolstadio November 23, 2008
12 6
The hundreds of Obama affiliated memorabilia items that have appeared throughout the US; with anything from Obama bobble-heads to badges.
Person: Damnit, I spent all this weeks pay on Obamabilia
by Chloedarko January 21, 2009
9 5