you are so obama .
by reportcardz August 08, 2009
America's current president, a great speaker, and unlike half the other definitions for his name say, a great president.
President Barack Obama is bound to straighten out our nation's economy and corrupt political system.
by arm93 April 09, 2009
Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America. The most intelligent and articulate man to live in the White House in decades! He has a wife and 2 kids and actually knows what "family values" really means. He actually cares about people and he is working hard to make the world a better place for ALL Americans.
Since day one, Obama has been working hard to fix the heinous disaster George W Bush (a.k.a. W) left behind. Since the G.O.P. thinks ol' Dubya was so great, they have a to fight to maintain their republitard status quo, by trying to derail Obama. The neocon fuckwits are calling Obama a liberal and a socalist. He is really just a good man in a bad shituation and the bailouts of big corporations was actually started by Bush. Obama is continuing those programs and also helping our auto industry. He knows (as well as anyone with any sense) that with our Big 3 car companies, failure is not an option. We must all work together to get ourselves and our country out the the Bush Depression and work to prevent this kind of disaster from happening again! Obama can make America great again but he needs help from Congress and each one of us to do it. So let's all work together!
by Charles_U_Farley July 23, 2009
THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! The most qualified person to rule this country considering the past eight years was run by a person with "experience", who had the whole world loath the United States, and put this country into a recession.

He is the man that has the most amount of people to arrive at his inauguration. He united the country...I'm sorry, he united the world. No one has done that!

am I missing anything?...Oh yeah...

A man who has too many haters(even on urban! This mean he's doing something right.
Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

Barack Obama is the first recognized African-American president.

Barack Obama is bi-racial.

Barack Obama raised the most amount of money during his presidential campaign while the country was in a recession.

Yes We Can!
Ha ha haters...
Barack Obama, Barack Obama,Barack Obama, Barack Obama,Barack Obama,Barack Obama!!!!!
by Virgo Bootz January 29, 2009
The greatest president ever elected to office. And even if you don't like him, the republican candidates are still WAY less electable.
Obama had Bin Laden shot.
Obama kicked Qaddafi's ass.
President Obama was born in AMERICA, not Kenya.
by Thomas Kaplan January 19, 2012
A term for taking from one group and giving to another with no rhyme or reason, other than to buy votes.
Welfare, food stamps or similar socialistic programs.
I got my Obama check today. I gonna go buy some cigarettes and beer now.
by gsesos October 27, 2008
Socialist dictator
Obama-Constitution hater
by Gumparoodoo February 22, 2014

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