Synonymous with Hope and a Belief that Change is Possible. Being also unwilling to stoop to attacks from other candidates.
This is an Obama moment: Our community is jumping out of its skins to go turn out voters this election.
by K- Bird January 08, 2008
Socialist dictator
Obama-Constitution hater
by Gumparoodoo February 22, 2014
A term for taking from one group and giving to another with no rhyme or reason, other than to buy votes.
Welfare, food stamps or similar socialistic programs.
I got my Obama check today. I gonna go buy some cigarettes and beer now.
by gsesos October 27, 2008
A dumbass who should have never been elected because he doesn't do shit for America but of course as Americans are dumbasses and wanted black president because we've never had one. (I'm American btw)
by Matt1314Class1314 February 19, 2014
The most amazing president America could ever ask for. People claim he has won because he is black and "all of us liberals" want a get out of racism free card. Wrong. He can make change, even if it isn't exactly the way the "sacred and perfect" John McCain would do it.
Guy1: Dude, did you vote for Obama?

Guy2: Duh, why wouldn't I? He's amazing! And I'm not just a crazy democratic liberal either to all those douchebags!

Guy1: Well said.
by SureImCrazyLiberal January 20, 2010
Possibly the best president of the United States. The first African American man elected to be president!!
November 4th 2008:

Person 1: "So who was elected president?

Person 2: "Barack Obama. He made history!!!!!!
by peaceforever17 November 05, 2008
see smegma. The worst president since Jimmy Carter. He believes in helping the poor, with benefits such as welfare, and obamacare, but at the expense of hurting the hard-working middle class. The middle class are forced to pay for the poor's benefits. With little experience, and little to show now in his second term in office, Obama should be considered the worst American President.
GUY1: Who do you think the next president?
GUY2: I don't know man, let's just hope it's not another Obama.
by cd mac January 03, 2014

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