The president of the United States Of America from 2008-2016. In his first term he screwed up a lot, and everyone expected him to lose when he ran for re election, but he didn't and he continues to screw up.
Obama very well may be the worst president of the 21st century.
by HeyyyyyyyGirlllllItttsKyleighh February 20, 2015
If your name is Obama then you know you are a leader. A person who is named Obama is a person who works hard to succeed and knows that nothing comes easy in this world, but only through hard work and dedication. You are also the type of person who can brush critism off your shoulder and keep on going; because you know that those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind just as Dr. Suess says. You are a man of good morale who believs in God and only wants the best for your family, friends, and for every single living soul. YOu are not selfish, and many admire you for being you. Obama you are a person who is greatly blessed by God with wisdom and knowledge and given the strengh to be the best leader to help others. May you always be surrounded by a million cajillion angels to guide you.

Obama, wiseman, leader, ready for change
by DoRsAl January 29, 2009
An exclamation of joy in something you have just accomplished.
After kicking the game winning field goal the player raised his hands and exclaimed "OBAMA!!!"
by mario9595 November 23, 2008
Obama a sacred cow that you are not supposed to criticize.
When I said I wouldn't vote for Obama because he didn't have a track record Judy went rabid on me.
by knowman April 12, 2008
A word, which can be a noun or a verb, to mean change, or improvement. To make something better. Or to be a change, or an improvement.

verb: to fix, to change, to improve
noun: change, fix, improvement
to fix: The plumber tried to obama the toilet.
to change: When passing another car, you should use your blinker before you obama lanes.
to improve: If you have poor vision, wearing glasses will obama your eyesight.

fix: A drug addict can't wait until his/her next obama.
change: Do you have obama for this $100 bill?
improvement: What was that sitcom in the '90s with Tim Allen? He played the host of a show called Tool Time with Al, who always said, "I don't think so Tim." Oh yeah, was it called Home Obama?
by makinish January 25, 2009
A person, who is widely acknowledge in his or her thoughts, or words of change in a time of need.
"You can always count on our Obama when things get tough!"
by Nybor Michelle January 19, 2009
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