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Someone who has skin that has the consistency of oatmeal. See also Charlie and day-old oatmeal.
Charlie is the Oatmeal Man.
by My Hibachi March 18, 2006
2 29
The guy on the oatmeal box, dressed as a Quaker. The real reason some kids hate oatmeal.
I'm so scared of the Oatmeal Man.
by Chuckie Finster January 27, 2004
242 75
An entrenched politician that serves the elite.

A term used by black poet Gil Scott-Heron in his work, "Pardon our Analysis."
Anytime you find someone in Congress for 25 years and no one has ever heard of im, you have, "Oatmeal Man."
by therevolutionwillnotbetelevised October 17, 2006
38 13