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An expression exclaimed when one sees something exciting or familiar and wants others to check out and similarly owp.

eg, "o look it's batty boy's mum"

by whateverbitch89 July 10, 2008
Used to express a range of emotions including surprise, anger, disappointment, a sudden moment of realisation or when reacting to a remark
Origin - Hayes, Middlesex and South London regions
In the context of realisation or disappointment:

Teacher: "Dash, your answer is incorrect"
Dash: "Owp!"
by omorfos May 16, 2016
Old white people. Self-explanatory. Most of middle America.
Talking with OWP about Ferguson is like teaching Latin to your dog. Near impossible, and frustrating for both parties involved.
by urbanza2020 May 26, 2015
Definiton of OWP: Old Wrinkley Penis
Example of OWP: SHANNON stone and TITCH bergkamp
by wilso March 27, 2008
Bad gamers that like realism over gameplay.
Often followed by nub or noob to make an insult
DOD 3.1b to 1.0 retail <---
by tibz September 02, 2003
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