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Definition: A cougar just past her expiration date. Often wears a bit too much makeup, frequently suffers from sun damage and thin lips, has the early signs of a stretch-marked and sagging FUPA, flaunts ridiculous bleached hair, and predictably still prowls for the younger men without any semblance of shame. Their natural habit most often lies within the bar scene, yet they can often still be detected via a worn-out smoker's voice (not to be mistaken with a purr) and an overall airhead-like quality. Avoid at all costs.
Ivana Trump has been in a perpetual state of Oug for the last few decades.
by irequirechocolate September 17, 2014
open umbrella gang
rival: CUG: closed umbrella gang
gang of kids who rep OUG and SEED BITCHES
dont fuck with the OUG or theyll seed your ass
by O.U.G. February 16, 2009