outside the perimeter; Atlanta slang for anything suburban; outside of I-285.
I almost got hit on Highland by some OTP fuck in a SUV that doesn't know what a crosswalk is. Cobb plates, of course.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
text or chat abbreviation for On The Phone
"Can't chat now I'm otp."
by swiss2012 January 04, 2012
One True Pairing. Meaning the your favorite combination of characters in a fandom.
Harry and Hermione are /so/ OTP.
by erica January 29, 2004
One True Paring
Sledgehamma + Snafu = OTP
by sack race Jay June 02, 2011
One True Pairing. The ship that you ship the hardest.
Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are my OTP.
by stefanvh October 24, 2014
OTP stands for "Over The Pants." It is often used in the context of distinction for a subset of sexual favors - those that are performed "over the pants."
"Sara is so awesome. She gave me an HJ OTP behind the gym yesterday after class. My underwear was stuck to my leg the whole way home."
"Lisa learned in school that you still need to use a prophylactic when giving a BJ OTP."
by noirollorion October 13, 2013
1. One true pairing meaning a combo of two fandoms or celebrities or characters you like.

2. Orgasm tipping point which is the last 1% of the orgasm where your body totally takes over from your mind and takes you (and sometimes your lover) for a whopping ride.
1. Man... danisnotonfire and amazingphil are my otp

2. My body just gave out after my otp
by Why is life so hard January 28, 2013
A word that is used when you go out with your friends and are "On The Prowl".
This could mean you are just driving around the town, looking for things to do, or walking downtown.
A- "Hey what are we gonna do tonight?"
B- "I don't know. We may just go OTP."
by Tea Treeeeee April 20, 2012

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