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Oral Sex Party
hey nigga, OSP tonight, my house!

u want to get ur slong wet? Go to that niggas OSP!
by michael w., stoffel, no nigga October 17, 2009
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Operation Stalker Prevention.
Oh your being stalked?
by OSP! January 12, 2011
Ol' School Pussy or 70's Bush AKN as a furry burger or matted nappy,
the classis triangle
Check out Star's OSP, damn she needs to shave!
by The Muff Divers August 06, 2010
One Second Per Second. The minimum desireable loading rate for streams, as any slower will cause the video to have to pause and buffer while attempting to watch.
This site needs faster servers, half the videos don't even stream at OSPS.
by Adam April 09, 2009
OSP is a collective of creative minded people from the Washington, DC area who think outside the box, that want to break the boundaries in music and anything they put their mind to.
OSP or suck my dick
by alien spacer January 19, 2012
Like an "OG" who has retired to jus the playa side... Not interested in the gansta game anymore or maybe never was but still out for the young girls.
You see that OSP talking to that girl say'n...Hey baby, what you doin? Haven't seen ya since you were a little girl... Now look atcha you're all grown-up! Hit me up some time!
by NaturallyFlirty March 23, 2010
Old Saggy Pussy
Your grandmother got OSP.
by qenDOllA$z April 18, 2009

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