An OS (operating system) created by Apple Computers that rocks your face off beyond belief. It is very user friendly.
Mac User-My OSX can outrun your Windows XP with style.
Windows Pansy, I mean, User-*whimper*
by Moralqua August 17, 2005
As of now, OS X is the latest release of the Mac OS. It is commonly used by less-educated people, generally people that are gullible enough to believe the lies and slander that Apple says in their desperation to sell Macs. Here's some real facts:

Speed: The G5 Processor (what OS X runs on) is what Apple claims to be the fastest processor in the world. They released several irrelevant and suspicious benchmark tests that supposedly "proved" that this was true. However, Apple's policy to lie about their performance still stands. ACTUAL benchmarks have proven that Mac OS X running on a G5 is not only NOT the fastest operating system in the world -- it's slower than a Dell Pentium running Windows NT 4! If you want proof about this, just conduct a google search for "Apple lies G5", and you'll see what I mean.

Security: Mac OS X (and previous versions of the Mac OS) have generally been virus-free. However, this proves nothing about Apple's capabilities of creating a secure operating system. Nobody bothers to write viruses for the Mac. Why would they? Over 90% of people that use computers use PC's running Windows. Virus writers want to infect the most amount of computers in the world, so they attack Windows instead. Nobody wants to infect a Mac because hardly anybody uses them.

Stability: Mac OS X has a FreeBSD/UNIX kernel (core). Having used BSD myself, I have to admit that it is a good, stable operating system. However, it's evident that Apple managed to cripple the BSD kernel before they used it to base OS X. I've used OS X myself and it crashes a lot more than my eMachines running Windows 2000.

Support: Ha! Apple's idea of support is a bunch of pages telling you how great all their products are. After filling out a form and submitting your problem, THEN you are told that you won't get a personal response. Thanks a lot, Apple.

Also, the fact that Mac's can now run Windows is pitiful. All Apple is saying is that their own capabilities of creating an operating system suck so badly that they have to make computers capable of running Windows. Mac users have been bashing Windows for years, and now they want to use it?

Thats pathetic...
Mac user: OS X is faster, more secure, more stable, and easier to get support for than any release of Windows.

Me: *Bursts into raucous laughter at the mac user's stupidity*
by Macinshit August 22, 2006
The world's best, most secure and fastest operating system. Made by the world's best computing company, Apple. Based on the rock-solid UNIX. Beats the crap out of Windows XP
PC User: "When was the last time your computer crashed?"
Me: "A long time ago, before i got Mac OS X"
by HSVCoupe June 10, 2004
I VERY simple OS for... *learners*. It shows off with a smooth UI (User Interface (For you Mac users, that means the look and feel of the OS (Operating System (For you Mac users that is the actual Mac software)))) so that Mac users with their... simpler minds can understand and work with. A windows PC might confuse them with such things as ".exe" or "Start."
osx = Windows user is to psychiatrist as Mac user is to mental patient.
by jonmon6691 May 12, 2006
OS X is the world's worst, least secure and least efficient operating system. Made by the world's worst computing company, Apple Inc. Based on UNIX.

In realilty, it may not be THE worst, but it sure isn't anywhere near the best. They are basiclaly an over complicated GUI running an out dated Operating System. Kind of like Windows, only Windows isn't spending half your computer's power trying to emulate another operating system like Mac is.

Lets not forget they only support Intel, the single worst processor on the market.

Do yourself a favor:
Buy a Windows PC. If you give a rats ass about security, which you shouldn't, because you're a nobody and nobody is going to hack a nobody, get Linux.

Linux is the most efficient and secure operating system, which is why 80% of servers run on linux, about 4.9% run on windows, about 15% run on FreeBSD, and about 0.1% run on Mac. The only downside is that most distributions run on linux native instead of FAT32, which causes it to be next to impossible to play .exe games. However, there are distributions which run .exes like Xandros, with the FAT32 operating system, and are therefore even better than Windows, even if it's slight.

Everyone knows, the only reason Mac has the least viruses is because it has the smallest percent of both the server and home desktop market shares.
Windows User: Why the hell are you using Mac OS X for games when the games were made for WINDOWS?

Mac User: Because I'm a dickhead and like to fit in by paying $1000 for an oversized paper weight!
by nof99 September 03, 2007
greatest user system ever. Much better than vista. Vista never runs right at al on PCs and vista users had to have the mock XP setting just to make it run better. Macs even run vista better than PCs. Most of the the business world uses Macs or has plans to switch to them. More people are starting to use macs for there ease of use and the relatively few problems. Many games are released for PC instead of Macs ( a terrible conspiracy by Windows companies) but Macs ability to have both OS X and Vista or XP on it defeats that. Macs are amazing computers and derserve more understanding than they get.
Previous poster who talked down to Macs: Macs and OS X are terrilbe and for idiots.

Me: (Laughing very loudly.) Says you.
by 57bADGUY57 August 11, 2008
An operating system that jackass ub3r-1337 wind0ze zealots love to hate becuase they can't run all of their awesome games on it. Because, you know, Operating Systems are specifically designed for some toolbox to jerkoff to the latest expansion of Half-Life 2 (which actually does run under OS X with crossover). Nevermind that Vista is the biggest pile of shit to ever come out of the ass of MS, teh sidebar iz teh bestxx00rs!

People that run OS X tend to have a bit of pride in their selection because they were probably like the asshats described above until they actually wanted to improve their computing experience. You will find that mac users are more vocal about their OS selection because they actually have a working brain in their heads, unlike the fucktards that play video games all day long and jerk off to pictures of Richard Simmons while their mom does their laundry and makes them dinner.
ub3r_wind0ze_us3r: My core2duo is awesome!!!111
Mac User: Yeah, my dual-quadcore core2duo Mac Pro is also pretty sweet.
ub3r_wind0ze_us3r: Wha?! How much framerate you g3t on that beast?!
Mac User: I don't game, I actually write software for <insert meaningful purpose here> in OS X.
ub3r_wind0ze_us3r: f4g. m4c are teh suck an j00 know it.
Mac User: .... *sigh* Idiot.
ub3r_wind0ze_us3r: my sw33t game-hacking program doens't work in dat crappy OS. Apple ar3 fagzzz.
by the_ths May 16, 2007

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